Prayer’s not just for religionists

In my previous posting I said, “Friends often want to know if I have any profound revelations to share? I think it is their way of asking if my experience left me mythologically magnetized, attracted to a particular religious perspective. “No religion, no answers,” I assure them.” prayer 8028361767_3373ec8bd5_m

‘So, you don’t pray?’ I’m sometimes asked. The question always struck me as strange.

Prayer is not the exclusive domain of the religious. Like air, it’s available to anyone with the ability to breathe. Besides, to be religious you have to be a religionist. That is, you have to believe in religion. It’s a huge step to take.

In fact, I shut down my outer voice and speak wordlessly within. I connect to something timeless, that spans many dimensions, here and elsewhere. Prayer, to me.

But I try not to make it sound like I am asking Santa Claus for a bike. And I try not to picture an old man who has needed to shave for an eternity. And I try to make all supplications positive energy bursts that seek help for others rather than myself.

There is no doubt in my mind that as we wield our imaginations, so do we paint the world of events. That faith is a productive activity, and intention evinces our real being, is quite clear to me.

Bottom line: Reality begins within and moves outward. If we truly understood the power of intention, we could solve any problem to which we turned our honest attention. So, be careful what you pray for. But don’t forget to pray.


‘artwork from’; 8028361767/; Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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